My Student Led learning Review

When I first got into my Student led learning review I got it set up. So when my Mom got in I would be able to
show her. My mom wanted to know all about what I learned. I told my mom all about what I learned in math. She
loved finding out about how much I learned. I learned how to turn mixed numbers into improper fractions. Mom was
excited about that. I showed her my blog. I did not know too much. It was hard. But it was also easy. It was an
okay learning review.

My Nomination

Hi everybody,

I nominate Rachel, (<>) because Rachel writes about some pretty cool things. She wrote a very nice post about the Twilight series and that post is really good. Rachel also has a really cool theme for her blog. It is really cool because the colours of it are really pretty and I like that. She has this really pretty blue, red and purple picture on her theme. It is so cool. I think that she really deserves this award. Her blog is really good.



Easter Break was…

My Easter break was awesome and perfect but just not long enough. I went to Hanoi, Vietnam. It rained a lot though. My mom, my dad, my grandma, Lorraine and I went together. We went on the plane on Saturday, April  4th, 2010.

When we got there, we checked into our hotel. There was a nice woman that helped us. She said that there would be lots of loud noise coming from the workers, so we switched hotels for the night. Mom and dad’s room smelled bad. (At least that is what mom said. I did not smell anything bad neither did my dad.) At least I slept with Gran that night.

Secondly, the Easter Bunny came that night and brought me three treats. My mom bought me nail polish for Easter. I will put that on when my other nail polish wears off. I was really happy that day.

Then we walked around the area. We caught this bike/carriage called a cyclo around the city. It dropped us off somewhere off the ordinary and wanted more money to take us back. When we go back to the place that we got in dad said,  “See we can find our way without going back and paying more money.” So that was that story.

Next, we went to  our other hotel and it was much better. It had a beautiful, big bathtub and no shower. Just right for me. The beds were both king size.

Well, mom and dad’s room was different. Their bed was circular and also king- size . They had got the honeymoon suite. So right away my grandma, Lorraine and  I started calling them “the Honeymooners” just because they were staying in the honeymoon suite. What the people were thinking was that I was mom’s sister, my mom and dad were on a honeymoon and that grandma was mom and I’s mom. Lorraine was dad’s I think. That was extremely funny.

It was a really great Easter Break. I absolutely loved it. But it just was not long enough. Thanks for reading.


Picture 1


If I could choose any event in history I would choose to be in one of the Cree tribes in Canada, because than I would know all about the Cree people of Canada. I would absolutely love to be in the events that they were in. But the event in history would be just about everything that the Cree would do. I would love to know how they cook their food and since I am a girl my job would be to cook.

The event that I would love to be in is preparing for meals, because then I could learn how to be a better cook. I would like to be a better cook, because then I could cook all different types of things. I would love to be able to cook my favorite food, steak because then I could have it when my parents would decide to have something to spicy for me. Being in an event in the Cree people of Saskatchewan, Canada would be absolutely awesome. I would love to know more history of my home country and province.



Commenting and Blogging Guidelines

The rules of blogging and commenting is:


No writing bad things like I don’t like you or anything like that because it is out for the public to see, and it is not very nice either.

Do write interesting things to tell others how funny or how crazy it was.

No writing something bad about somebody because again it is mean and saying mean things is really not very nice.

Do say good things about friends or family because it could light up others days.

No writing rumors about others because again it is not nice and a lie behind their back. Think how would you like it?


No writing silly things like this is really cool, because nobody knows what is so cool about their blogs.

Do write what you would have liked and give some feedback. Tell them what you liked about their blog.

No writing something back that is mean or can be hurtful to the person who did that post.

Do say good things about their blog that might make them feel good about themselves.

No writing rumors about others in your comment, because that person will find out and it will hurt them. Think how would you like it.


The Greatest Days

On my holiday I went to Bangkok and Phuket.  We went to Phuket first and then we went to Bangkok. But my family nearly missed our flight to Phuket from Bangkok. Our clothes did not make the flight but we did. Our clothes did end up arriving though. But just in the morning.

We went swimming and felt some warm weather while it was very cold in Hong Kong. When we came back the teachers on my bus told us that we had some really cold weather while the Chinese New Year break was still going on. We had to start fooling around with itchy tights everyday. I hated doing that but my legs would have froze. So I did it anyways. Those days turned out to be the greatest days after all.


Sports Day

On sports day it was freezing cold. I know that I just came from Saskatchewan, Canada but I was freezing. Everyone was shivering and a woman came and served hot chocolate for us to drink. We were at Stanley Ho sports complex with the grade fives and sixes. All of their teachers came too. Some moms even came. On Tuesday, March 9th, 2010 went to Stanley Ho sports complex to do some sports in the freezing cold rain (it even snowed for one minute).

I felt bad for those wearing only shorts, T- shirts and a bunny hug. They had a little bit of ice on their legs. Kids hands were frozen and the bathroom was the warm place. (Some of the girls even had lunch in the warmth of the bathroom.) I stayed in the bathroom for the last twenty to thirty minutes.

Then al of the sudden after we found out that it was snowing a little. The weather changed and it started to pour. So everyone ran into the covered area to stay dry. My shoes were not water proof so water got in and when I went to run my races, my feet were numb. So I ran two races without feeling anything in my feet.

Then all of our lips started to turn purple with frostbite. My teacher and I thought lots of kids were going to come in with runny noses. But on the 10th everyone was okay. No sniffly noses after all. Everyone was happy to leave (Well, me maybe not some of the boys.).

All in all it was worth it. Some really did not want to stay and most of the teachers wanted to go back. I know that I sure did. Well it was worth it, because we got to go back to the warmth of the school and our homes.



PS We played ultimate frisbee, capture the flag and the ball throw. I went in two races. The one hundred meter race and the four hundred meter race.



The Alan Dick Memorial Walk

Yesterday my school went on the Alan Dick Memorial Walk. It was so hot. It got up to twenty-six degrees Celsius. We made our record of 10 laps at the Aberdeen Stadium. The reason why our goal was ten laps is because we wanted to walk the distance of walking right across Canada. We made that goal. It was a bit polluted during the walk.

The older kids goal was ten to twelve laps. They passed their goal with thirteen to fourteen laps. We only did ten. Well maybe even eleven or twelve for some.



Save The Environment

In my school we do something called earth hour when we turn off all of our power. On every Friday our school turns off our lights to try to save the power. Right now in Hong Kong it is a record for the pollution. So all of the pre-receptions to the grade sixes are not allowed to go outside at all. Our dodgeball game was moved to the third floor gym instead of the sixth floor playground. Most of our pollution is blown from China. We need to work together. If we want to make the ozone layer bigger than we could keep doing what we are doing. But others could get sick from the pollution so lets help them out. Lets help them out. Lets fix the world and stop global warming. The penguins and the people of the world need us. The penguins need their cold and ice-caps and we need our seasons and our lives. So lets work together stop pollution today.